*** Software Implementation DELAYED *** Regular Pit Trading Continues Until Further Notice ***

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Welcome to ThePit.com, where buying and selling is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Open a Free Account: There are no registration, membership or costs to sign-up on ThePit

Step 2 - Search: Browse the site for players that you're interested in investing or collecting. ThePit only makes available the top stars and prospects best rookie cards. After you've searched and found the players your interested in, you'll notice a buy/bid price and a sell/ask price, just like the Stock Market. These are simply the current best prices that someone wants to buy the item for (the bid) and the lowest price that someone is willing to sell that item for (the ask).

Step 3 - Buy/Sell: Once your ready, you can purchase the cards you are interested in. You can either leave these cards in your account to buy and sell like stocks where you do everything electronically or you can request shipment.

Confirmed - Once your payment has cleared you have the choice to pay a Shipping Fee to receive your cards or leave them in your account on ThePit to sell at a later date.

Click Here for more advanced information and FAQ's on buying and selling on ThePit.com!


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