*** Software Implementation DELAYED *** Regular Pit Trading Continues Until Further Notice ***

Fees (Effective 11/01/08)

Buying Fees

 Price Range



Under $1.00


 $ 1.00

 $ 3.99


 $ 4.00

 $ 7.99


 $ 8.00

 $ 14.99


 $ 15.00

 $ 24.99


 $ 25.00

 $ 44.99


 $ 45.00

 $ 59.99


 $ 60 or more



Sell From Account

 Price Range



 Below $5.00


$0.45 (max 25%)

 $ 5.00

 $ 7.49


 $ 7.50

 $ 12.99


 $ 13.00

 $ 19.99


 $ 20.00

 $ 29.99


 $ 30.00

 $ 39.99


 $ 40.00

 $ 49.99


 $ 50.00

 $ 59.99


 $ 60.00

 $ 69.99


 $ 70.00

 $ 99.99









Sell Not In Account

 Price Range


 New Fees

 Below$ 5.00

$0.65 (max 25%)

 $ 5.00

 $ 7.49


 $ 7.50

 $ 11.99


 $ 12.00

 $ 24.99


 $ 25.00

 $ 34.99


 $ 35.00

 $ 44.99


 $ 45.00

 $ 54.99


 $ 55.00

 $ 64.99


Depositing Cards without fulfilling an SNIA trade will now incur a $0.10 per card fee (minimum of $1 per package sent in). SNIA deposits will still be free of charge.

Inactive Accounts:

Many accounts on ThePit.com have Balances but have not had activity in them for as much as six years. Due to the need to warehouse items and carry insurance, ThePit/NAXCOM cannot continue to hold these balances indefinitely. Therefore, accounts that have not bought or sold an item within the past 2 years will be “Inactive.” A minimum of three notices will be sent to users whose accounts will be changed to “Inactive,” in which they will have 30 days to cash out their balance or buy/sell an item to keep their account “Active.”

*Please note: Once an account has been changed to inactive, the user may still contact the company to have their account changed back to “Active,” however, a 10% monthly fee (of the balance being held) will be charged to the account until the account is settled.


In very limited instances, thePit.com may charge the customer credit card on file to cover penalty fines as indicated below.

  1. If you sell a card that is not in your account at the time of your Sale Trade you must send your card(s) to thePit.com to settle the Sale Trade within 2-3 business days.  No short selling is allowed, as you cannot buy from thePit.com to fulfill your obligation.  If the card is not sent before the alloted time stated above, a penalty of up to $25 AND 5% of the sell price at the time of execution and other possible fees will be charged to your credit card on file.  Additionally, thePit.com reserves the right to freeze any account from further trading if there are unsettled sale trades for more than five days.
  2. If you submit a check that bounces, a $25 penalty will be charged to the credit card on file.


Ordinarily, customers are not charged sales taxes as a result of purchasing cards on thePit.com.

However, customers that request delivery and ship "Deal of the Week" cards (only) from their accounts with thePit.com to a N.Y. State address will be charged sales tax on the total amount of the order (including shipping and handling charges), based on the local sales tax rate where the shipment is delivered and the customer's average cost basis for the cards being shipped. If the customer has a N.Y. State Resale Certificate on file with thePit.com, then the tax charge will automatically be reversed.

Shipping and Handling Fees

To protect our customers, thePit.com will only ship cards to the billing address for the credit card on file. Customers are responsible for all associated shipping, handling, and insurance fees. The system will indicate how much the shipping fees will be at the time a shipping request is processed and will not allow such request to be processed if the account balance is insufficient to cover the shipping fees.

thePit.com offers two shipping options; the shipping options and applicable rates are listed below along with the Insurance rate.

Rates Effective Starting Oct 13, 2009

  Shipping OptionRate
Next Day Air $40.50 flat fee + (20 cents per Ungraded, 40 cents per Graded, 75 cents per Uncirculated card, 9.95 per wax box shipped, 1.50 per SI cover
2nd Day Air $21.50 flat fee + (15 cents per Ungraded, 35 cents per Graded, 75 cents per Uncirculated card, 9.95 per wax box shipped, 1.50 per SI cover
Ground Continental (Con) US Only** $4.75 flat fee + (15 cents per Ungraded, 35 cents per Graded, 75 cents per Uncirculated card, 4.95 per wax box shipped, 1.50 per SI cover
International Rates vary per country and will be displayed on screen prior to completing a ship request.
APO or FPO Shipment Address $10 flat fee + 35 cents per card shipped. Shipments are sent by US Postal Service by express mail and tracking is purchased.

*Please note: Some large Next Day and 2nd Day shipping orders may have to be sent as ground shipments depending on the weight of the package. If a next day or 2nd day request has to be changed to ground, the user will be give the opportunity to pay extra or switch the shipping method to ground.

A signature will be required by UPS confirming receipt of the package for all outgoing shipments with a declared value of $500 or greater. An additional charge of $2.00 will automatically be added to the ship fees.

The insurance charge is 35 cents per $100 of insurance coverage purchased after the first $100. The first $100 of value is insured at no charge. Insurance is mandatory and appropriate charges are automatically added to ship fees at the time of request.

  Shipping Example: The charge for 10 Graded cards worth a total of $500 by Next Day Air option would be $36.40.
Next Day Air (Flat Fee) $34.50  
10 Cards (10 x .40) $4.00
Signature Required Fee  $2.00
Insurance (4 x .35)  $1.40
Total $41.90