Frank Thomas (HURT) $32.00 2.0% Anthony Rendon (AREN) $2.00 21.0% LeBron James (LBRJ) $2,175.00 39.0% Tom Brady (TBRA) $1,737.00 -4.0% Michael Jordan (MIKE) $5,474.00 -2.0% Reggie Miller (REGG) $29.00 27.0% Teferi's Puzzle Box (TPBX) $10.00 Squirrel Mob (SMOB) $6.00 Memory Jar (MJAR) $11.00 Jayson Tatum (TATJ) $45.00 10.0% Regal Force Foil (RGFF) $12.00 Noah Syndergaard (SYND) $13.00 12.0% Madison Bumgarner (BUMG) $1.00 11.0% Mike Trout (TRUT) $41.00 12.0% Barry Sanders (SAND) $280.00 21.0% Magic Bird (MABI) $887.00 17.0% Mike Moustakas (MOUS) $16.00 -26.0% Andrew Miller (MILR) $7.00 -38.0% Max Scherzer (SMAX) $6.00 Torii Hunter (TORI) $6.00 13.0% Zack Greinke (ZACK) $300.00 46.0% Marc Gasol (MARC) $4.00 1.0% Channing Frye (FRYE) $4.00 -20.0% Starlin Castro (STRL) $2.00 33.0% Gerrit Cole (GCOL) $2.00 -51.0%

2006 Boston Red Sox Highlight thePit/ Prospect Report for 12/10

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Happy Holidays from This week's report will be on the Boston Red Sox. Now I picked the Red Sox as they have undergone a great deal of changes this off-season with the losses of their general manager, centerfield/leadoff man, shortstop, and arguably their top prospect. That may appear to be alot to overcome and the Sox have alot of holes to fill but it is only December.

More importantly, the Sox have loaded up on starting pitching and should be able to move some of the veterans to fill the gaps in centerfield and shortstop. They also may still be able to move Manny Ramirez to the Mets for Lastings Milledge, Xavier Nady and maybe Victor Diaz. The lose of Manny will hurt as the Sox won't be able to score eleven runs a game but with a starting staff of Curt Schilling (if healthy), Josh Beckett, Bronson Arroyo, Tim Wakefield, and Jon Papelbon will be the best in the AL East. That’s not including Matt Clement and David Wells who will most likely be shipped out or Kevin Millwood who may sign with the Sox and also allow them to move either Wakefield or Arroyo.

The Sox will also have the services of Craig Hansen for the entire season and he should help a bullpen that was in complete disarray in 2005 due to the injury of Keith Foulke. They have also added Rudy Seanez and Guillermo Mota since October and expect Foulke to return to health in 2006. You can argue that the Sox may have the best overall pitching in the AL East as the Yankees still have issues with starting pitching and the Jays are lacking depth behind Halladay, Burkett, and Towers.

Potential Starting lineup for the 2006 Red Sox:

  • Mark Loretta 2B
  • Julio Lugo SS
  • Xavier Nady 1B
  • David Ortiz DH
  • Mike Lowell 3B
  • Jason Varitek C
  • Trot Nixon RF
  • Victor Diaz LF
  • Lastings Milledge CF