Victor Robles (ROBV) $2.00 Derek Jeter (JETR) $22.00 Tracy Mcgrady (MCGR) $39.00 Todd Gurley (GURL) $3.00 Kobe Bryant (KOBE) $73.00 Kris Bryant (KBRT) $3.00 Trevor Story (TRES) $1.00 Ivan Rodriguez (IROD) $33.00 Walter Payton (WPAY) $685.00 Mickey Mantle (MICK) $213.00 Tom Brady (TBRA) $365.00 Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $8.00 Miguel Cabrera (MIGC) $68.00 Deion Sanders (DEON) $117.00 Mookie Betts (BETM) $6.00 Eddie George (GEOR) $7.00 Odell Beckham (BECO) $1.00 Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $1.00 Nick Markakis (NMRK) $1.00 Francisco Lindor (LNDR) $4.00 Mariano Rivera (MRVA) $118.00 Lonzo Ball (BALO) $14.00 Barry Bonds (BOND) $109.00 Adrian Beltre (BELT) $154.00 Brett Favre (FAVR) $25.00

10 NEW IPO's Announced on Tuesday Jan. 24

On Tuesday January 24th at 1pm, 10 NEW IPO's (Initial Player Offerings) will be announced for trading on

Then on every Tuesday after that, leading up to the March 17 - 19th Grand Reopening Weekend, 10 NEW IPO's will be announced on the site. All items will be the first time that they have ever been offered on for trading and will be items of the Top Player's not currently offered on

Then on March 17 - 19th during the Special Grand Reopening Weekend, 100 New IPO's will make their debut during this special weekend.

Make sure you check back every Tuesday to see if your favorite player and their top rookie cards will begin trading on the site!!!