Victor Robles (ROBV) $2.00 Derek Jeter (JETR) $22.00 Tracy Mcgrady (MCGR) $39.00 Todd Gurley (GURL) $3.00 Kobe Bryant (KOBE) $73.00 Kris Bryant (KBRT) $3.00 Trevor Story (TRES) $1.00 Ivan Rodriguez (IROD) $33.00 Walter Payton (WPAY) $685.00 Mickey Mantle (MICK) $213.00 Tom Brady (TBRA) $365.00 Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $8.00 Miguel Cabrera (MIGC) $68.00 Deion Sanders (DEON) $117.00 Mookie Betts (BETM) $6.00 Eddie George (GEOR) $7.00 Odell Beckham (BECO) $1.00 Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $1.00 Nick Markakis (NMRK) $1.00 Francisco Lindor (LNDR) $4.00 Mariano Rivera (MRVA) $118.00 Lonzo Ball (BALO) $14.00 Barry Bonds (BOND) $109.00 Adrian Beltre (BELT) $154.00 Brett Favre (FAVR) $25.00

Special Grand Re-Opening 3/17-19

Over the next 2 months, NAXCOM will be upgrading with new features and enhancements. Since its acquisition from, NAXCOM has been working to add new features such as PayPal; Shopping Cart; Post Bids/Buy Offers without funding your account first and the addition of over 300 players and their best Rookie Cards.

After most of the site has been upgraded, NAXCOM will host a special Grand Re-opening Weekend on March 17-19. Over 100 New Cards/Players IPO's will be launched over the 3-day span, plus contests and giveaways for an '86 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA 9.

Check back daily for an update on the new features and enhancements coming to