Aaron Judge (JUDG) $7.00 277.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $8.00 227.0% Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $19.00 1459.0% Joe Burrow (BJOE) $79.00 Prince Fielder (PFLD) $34.00 -22.0% Nolan Arenado (NARE) $7.00 22.0% Rafael Nadal (NADL) $114.00 Kyle Schwarber (SCHK) $2.00 860.0% Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $14.00 289.0% Juan Soto (SOTO) $20.00 206.0% Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $27.00 57.0% Matthew Stafford (STAF) $847.00 Julio Rodriguez (RODJ) $54.00 1000.0% Alex Rodriguez (AROD) $168.00 -43.0% Philip Rivers (RIVP) $22.00 175.0% Cal Ripken Jr. (RIPK) $144.00 18.0% Jerry Rice (RICE) $199.00 63.0% Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $152.00 Randy Moss (MOSS) $137.00 247.0% Ja Morant (MOJA) $169.00 Donovan Mcnabb (MCNB) $32.00 333.0% Willie Mays (MAYS) $807.00 288.0% Peyton Manning (MANN) $344.00 -50.0% Greg Maddux (MDDX) $174.00 -24.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $19.00 188.0%

<b>PayPal Now Live! Red Sox new OF Coco Crisp has big IPO opening</b>

Once again, ThePit has another very strong IPO day. Trading has NOW started on Thursday for the 10 New IPO's (Initial Player Offerings) below!

Carmelo Anthony Topps Chrome Rookie Card
David Wright 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Rookie
Jason Schmidt 1994 Topps Traded Rookie Card
Smush Parker 2002 Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Jorge Posada 1994 Bowman Rookie Card
Michael Young 2000 Topps Chrome Traded Rookie Card
Covelli (Coco) Crisp Bowman Draft Picks Rookie
Ronnie Brown 2005 Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Dwight Howard 2005 Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Delmon Young 2003 Upper Deck Rookie Card

This weeks IPO's parallel last weeks Hot IPO's which were led by Hockey Phenom SIDNEY CROSBY and his Upper Deck McDonalds Rookie Card. In addition to Crosby last weeks IPO's included;

Jeremy Hermida Bowman Chrome Draft RC
Grady Sizemore Bowman Draft RC
Mark Prior Fleer Platinum
Mark Teixeira Donruss Rookies RC
Jeff Gordon Traks Rookie Card
Chauncey Billups Topps Chrome RC
Chris Bosh Topps Chrome RC
Jon Lester Upper Deck Prospect Premiers RC
Morgan Ensberg Bowman Draft RC

10 New IPO's are announced every Tuesday leading up to the Grand Re-opening in March. Over 300 New Players and over 500 New Cards will be added to ThePit over the next few months. Check back every week for all of the new items being added to ThePit along with all of the new features being added as well.

The prior weeks 10 IPO's were:

Matt Hasselbeck '98 Collector's Edge First Place
Ryan Howard '03 Bowman Chrome DP
Antonio Gates '03 Leaf Rookies and Stars
Andy Pettitte '93 Bowman
Andre Iguodala '04-'05 SP Authentic Autograph RC
Jeff Kent '92 Fleer Update
Eric Gagne '99 Fleer Tradition Update
Don Mattingly '84 Topps
Gilbert Arenas '01-'02 SP Authentic Autograph RC
Jon Papelbon '03 Bowman Chrome DP
Eric Duncan '03 Bowman Chrome Autograph

The first week of IPO's after NAXCOM's acquisition of ThePit.com from the Topps Company included:

Jerome Bettis '93 SP
Brandon Wood '03 Bowman Chrome Autograph Rookie Card
Chris Paul '05 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Hank Blalock '01 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Zach Duke '04 Bowman's Best Autograph Rookie Card
Howie Kendrick '03 Topps Chrome Traded Rookie
Jeff Francoeur '02 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie Card
Carlos Beltran '95 Topps Traded Rookie Card
Johnny Damon '93 SP Rookie Card
Johan Santana '00 Fleer Tradition Update Rookie Card

New Features Update

PayPal is now up and running for both depositing funds into an account and for cashing out. Users also now have the ability to cash out to their NAXCOM Account and vice versa, NAXCOM users now have the ability to transfer funds to their account on ThePit.com.

The new Shopping Cart feature has been launched making it faster and easier to buy multiple items on ThePit.

Users now have the ability to edit/change their credit card without having to call in. Users can now also change their billing address as well.

The next new features being launched on ThePit will be the ability to post bids/buy offers without previously funding your account. An announcement on the date of the change in fees (lower purchasing fees, eliminating the deposit fees and the raise in Selling fees to offset the other lower fees) will be announced in the next few weeks.

We will continue to post any new updated information on all of the new features headed for ThePit!