Aaron Judge (JUDG) $7.00 277.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $8.00 227.0% Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $19.00 1459.0% Joe Burrow (BJOE) $79.00 Prince Fielder (PFLD) $34.00 -22.0% Nolan Arenado (NARE) $7.00 22.0% Rafael Nadal (NADL) $114.00 Kyle Schwarber (SCHK) $2.00 860.0% Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $14.00 289.0% Juan Soto (SOTO) $20.00 206.0% Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $27.00 57.0% Matthew Stafford (STAF) $847.00 Julio Rodriguez (RODJ) $54.00 1000.0% Alex Rodriguez (AROD) $168.00 -43.0% Philip Rivers (RIVP) $22.00 175.0% Cal Ripken Jr. (RIPK) $144.00 18.0% Jerry Rice (RICE) $199.00 63.0% Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $152.00 Randy Moss (MOSS) $137.00 247.0% Ja Morant (MOJA) $169.00 Donovan Mcnabb (MCNB) $32.00 333.0% Willie Mays (MAYS) $807.00 288.0% Peyton Manning (MANN) $344.00 -50.0% Greg Maddux (MDDX) $174.00 -24.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $19.00 188.0%

<b>The Pit IPO&#39;s Are Back!</b>

10 New IPO's Launching Today!!
------------------------------------ Welcome Back IPO's!! On Tuesday May 23rd, we will be starting up the IPO's once again. The IPO's will be done similar to the way they were done during the Big Grand Re-Opening Weekend. On Tuesday at 5pm (pst), 10 new cards will be announced on the Market News section on the Home Page with links provided on the "Read More" page. If you prefer, you can also type the player's name into the search bar. We plan on having 10 new IPO's launch every Tuesday at 5pm (pst) throughout the entire summer. So be sure to check back regularly on The Pit so youd don't miss out.
Strong Pitching Highlights Weekend.

Young Star Pitchers came up big the weekend. Matt Cain

, Taylor Buchholz and Scott Kazmir were all on top of their game on Sunday. The Pit.com Traders did not miss a beat. Kazmir espcially, saw his 2002 Upper Deck Proscpect Premieres Autograph PSA 10 Rookie Card climb to an all-time high in dollars, topping off at $175.00 after starting the day at a meager $127.50. Sunday was not a strong pitching day for just the youngsters. MLB Veterans Tim Hudson and Derek Lowe both turned in scoreless Performances of their own.
May Is Here and Many Are Already In Mid-Season Form.

Aside from Pujols launching pitches into orbit, many other players have been off to hot starts and some of the names might surprise you. There is only one hitter that is hitting over .400 right now. It is former M.V.P. Miguel Tejada and he's hitting .405. His 1997 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card BGS 9.5 is trading cheaply right now at about $70.00. In New York, the Mets are starting to run away with the N.L. East. Lead-off man Jose Reyes's 2001 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card BGS 9 is a real bargain at $67.00 as of 5/5.

How about those Free Agents? Jim Thome's 1992 Bowman Rookie Card PSA 9 and Alfonso Soriano's 1999 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card BGS 9.5 are paying major dividends for their new teams as well as heating up The Pit.com's Most Actives page.

If you love strong pitching performances, then you should be investing in Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Jose Contreras and Curt Schilling.

This Baseball Season promises to be a great one. Many other stories are ready to unfold. Be sure to be one step ahead of the game whether you are investing in hot young players like Erik Bedard and Jon Papelbon or waiting for Future Hall of Famer, Barry Bonds, to hit some more milestone homeruns.

Bush, Leinart, Young Limited Edition Draft Swatches & Autograph Swatches
Will only be available on NAXCOM.com & ThePit.com

In what is expected to be the most exciting year in the history of football collectibles, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart & Vince Young, have entered into an exclusive agreement with Game Exclusive, to create items with swatches from their 2006 draft jerseys they held in commemorating this year’s draft. Never before in the history of the Sports Collectibles Industry have collectors been able to obtain swatches of a jersey commemorating the draft directly from the player.

The title of these Draft Day Swatch Phototickets are “Moment of Transition” and will memorialize the exact moment that these three players transition from a great collegiate career to their professional career. Game Exclusives have selected PSA to authenticate and encase the items and have also selected NAXCOM.com & ThePit.com as the Online Marketplace to offer the limited edition item for sale.

Item Description:

The Swatch PhotoTickets will be an oversized Super Bowl style commemorative ticket representing each player’s draft day moment when they are selected. Each player’s PhotoTicket, will have a swatch cut from their commemorative draft jersey held by the player and will be time stamped, day, hour, moment that the team announces their pick. These exclusive swatches will be limited to 2006 and will be encased by PSA in a special serial #’d holder. In addition a limited # of 500 Autographed Swatch Phototickets will also be made available and will also be authenticated and encased by PSA.

Click on the following links to start bidding on these items, highest bids will be executed on NAXCOM and The Pit in mid to late May after the pieces have been made and then sent to PSA to be encased. Buyers can choose to put in one bid or as many bids as they want on one or all three players*:

Reggie Bush Draft Jersey Swatch /2006
Reggie Bush Draft Jersey Autographed Swatch /2006

Matt Leinart Draft Jersey Swatch /2006
Matt Leinart Draft Jersey Autographed Swatch /2006

Vince Young Draft Jersey Swatch /2006
Special Member Deal:

The 2006 Bush, Leinart, Young Swatch PhotoTickets & the 500 Autographed Swatch Phototickets will be offered on NAXCOM.com & ThePit.com to the highest bidders. Bids can now be entered and once all 2006 Swatches & 500 Autographed Swatches are purchased, no more will be offered.

Once the items are made and encased by PSA, an announcement on the site will be made with the highest bids executed a few days after (most likely in mid to late May). Buyers can choose to put in one bid or as many bids as they want to buy on one or all three players on NAXCOM.com or ThePit.com.

* Please note: Typical Pit fees and S/H are applicable. These items available in limited supply so once these items are sold out, the market will be removed from The Pit.

The NAXCOM HOF Sports Collectors Expo at Hollywood Park has announced some of its guests that will be appearing at the June 2, 3 & 4 show. Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Philip Rivers, Jim Brown, Marcus Allen, Antonio Gates along with Lou Brock & Charles White will be appearing during the weekend. For those that can't attend Mail Order is available for all guests 909.592.1357

The Hollywood Park Show is one of the largest shows in the country with over 250 Booths of the nations top Sportscard, Autographed Memorabilia, Wax & Sports Collectible vendors from over 30 different states. Beckett, PSA, PSA/DNA, Globabl Authentication are all On-Site accepting submissions.

Hollywood Park CASINO is located only a few miles away from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with the Host Hotel (Crowne Plaza Hotel) providing shuttle service to and from LAX & the Hollywood Park CASINO.

For Dealer Table Reservations contact NAXCOM at 310.568.8825. For Autograph or General Information contact 909.592.1357.

With such a large group of young stars, 2006 is starting off to be a very exciting year for collectors. Ryan Howard, Rickie Weeks, David Wright, Grady Sizemore, Jeremy Hermida, Jeff Franceour and Felix Hernandez are just a few of the young stars with big expectations this year. In addition, 2006 also has one of the largest groups of rookies in a very long time?

List of some of the rookies expected to have an impact this year include:

Ryan Zimmerman, the Washington Nationals starting third baseman, leads the 2006 rookie crop. The other top rookies with high expectations for 2006 include Delmon Young (Tampa Bay), Matt Cain (Giants), Prince Fielder (Brewers), Ian Kinsler (Rangers), Justin Verlander (Detroit), Jon Papelbon (Red Sox), Brian Anderson (White Sox), Anderson Hernandez (Mets), Francisco Liriano (Twins), Hanley Ramirez (Marlins), Josh Barfield (Padres), Paul Maholm (Pirates), Josh Willingham Mike Jacobs (Marlins) and Scott Olsen (Marlins) are just a few of this years rookies expected to make a big splash right away.

A couple of other top prospects that will be IPO'd on ThePit.com soon include Jeff Mathis of the Angels and Kenji Johjina of the Mariners with the release of his cards later this year. Collectors should also keep their eye out for other top prospects that are expected to be called up later in the year. Lastings Milledge and Brian Bannister of the Mets, Stephen Drew and Carlos Quentin of the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers have 5 highly touted prospects that are expected to see some big league action this year - Andy Laroche, Joel Guzman, Delwyn Young, Chad Billingsley and Russ Martin. Boston's Minor League Pitcher of the year Jon Lester is also expected to be a mid-season call up as are the highly touted Melky Cabrera and Eric Duncan of the New York Yankees.

With all of these top young stars and prospects that baseball hasn't seen in many years, 2006 promises to be a very exciting year for collectors.

Below is the list of the 100 cards that were released onto ThePit last weekend during ThePit.com's Grand Re-Opening Weekend.

Sunday (3/19) IPO's

Matt Cain 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Delmon Young 2003 Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie
Travis Hafner 2001 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie
Andy LaRoche 2005 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie
LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie
Jameer Nelson 2004 SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Steve Nash 1996 Topps Chrome Rookie
Stephen Drew 2005 Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie
Amare Stoudemire 2002 SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Rickie Weeks Bowman Chrome Draft Autographed Rookie
Richie Robnett 2004 Bowman Chrome Rookie
J.R. Smith SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie Card

Craig Biggio 1988 Score Rookie Traded
B.J. Upton 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie
Matt Bush 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Rookie
Cadillac Williams 2005 SPX Autographed Jersey Rookie
Charlie Villanueva 2005 SPX Jersey Auto Jersey Rookie
Channing Frye 2005 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Hanley Ramirez 2003 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie
Jay Rainville 2004 Bowman Sterling Rookie
Francisco Rodriguez 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Mike Jacobs 2001 Stadium Club Rookie
Kirk Hinrich 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie

Cole Hamels 2002 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Danny Granger SPX AUtographed Jersey Rookie
Irvin Guzman Topps Chrome Traded Rookie Card
Steven Jackson SPX Autographed Rookie
Cameron Maybin Bowman Chrome AFLAC Rookie
Marvin Williams Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Tayshaun Prince SPX Autographed Jersey Rookie
Victor Martinez SPX Autographed Rookie
Jered Weaver 2005 Topps Chrome Traded Update
Lamar Odom 1999 SPX Rookie
Kirk Hinrich 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie

Saturday (3/18) IPO's

Ben Gordon 2004-05 SP Authentic Autograph Rookie
Casey Kotchman Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
LaDianian Tomlinson Bowman Rookie Card
Emanuel Ginobili SP Authentic Rookie
Kevin Jones SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Travis Hafner Bowman Rookie Card
Mike Pelfrey Upper Deck USA Rookie
Edgar Renteria 1994 Bowman Rookie Card
Sebastian Telfair SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Jason Vargas 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Jake Peavy 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premier Rookie

Carlos Zambrano 2000 Bowman Chrome RC
Colby Rasmus Bowman Chrome DP Autographed Rookie
J.J. Arrington SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Alex Smith (49ers QB) Topps Chrome Rookie
Josh Childress SPx Auotgraphed Jersey Rookie
Devin Harris SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Heath Miller Topps Chrome Rookie
Jorge Cantu 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Torii Hunter 1994 Bowman Rookie
Tony Parker Bowman Chrome Rookie
Charlie Villanueva Bowman Chrome Rookie

Andrew McCutchen Topps Chrome Autographed Rookie
Hines Ward 1998 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Aaron Rowand 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Ben Wallace Ultra Rookie Card
Brandon Stokley SPx Autographed Rookie Card
Hank Blalock Topps Traded Rookie Card
J.P. Losman SPx Autographed Rookie
Salim Stoudamire SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
C.J. Henry Topps Chrome Update Rookie
Javier Herrera Bowman Chrome DP Rookie

Friday (3/17) IPO's

Sidney Crosby UD Young Guns
Kirby Puckett 1985 Topps RC
Dwight Howard 2004-05 SPx Autographed Jsy
Bobby Abreu 1995 Bowman's Best RC
Ben Gordon 2004-05 Topps Chrome RC
Hideki Matsui 2003 Upper Deck RC
Brian Roberts 2001 Donruss The Rookies RC
Matt Clement 1997 Bowman Chrome RC
Pedro Feliz 2000 Bowman Chrome RC
Blake Dewitt 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Troy Tulowitzki 2005 Bowman Chrome DP RC

Braylon Edwards 2005 SPx Autographed Jsy
Amare Stoudemire '02 Topps Chrome
Ian Stewart '03 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers
Wade Boggs 1983 Topps Rookie Card
Josh Beckett 1999 Fleer Tradition Update RC
Sam Cassell 1993 Finest RC
Derek Lowe 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Chris Carpenter 1994 Bowman's Best Rookie Card
Luol Deng 2004 Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Jay Bruce 2005 Bowman Chrome DP RC
Champ Bailey 1999 SPx Autographed Jsy RC. Trading Halted. Will be relaunched with Saturday's group.

Roy Halladay 1997 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Mushin Muhammad 1996 SP Rookie Card
Howie Long 1984 Topps Rookie Card
Garret Anderson 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Nick Swisher 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Ryne Sandberg 1983 Topps Rookie Card
Mike Hampton 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Daric Barton 2003 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Zach Jackson 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Josh Smith 2004 SPx Autograph Jersey
Marvin Williams SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie Card. Trading Halted. Will be relaunched with Saturday's group.

See ThePit.com Home Page for the list of the first 70+ cards that were released on ThePit.