Aaron Judge (JUDG) $6.00 277.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $8.00 227.0% Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $19.00 1459.0% Joe Burrow (BJOE) $79.00 Prince Fielder (PFLD) $34.00 -22.0% Nolan Arenado (NARE) $7.00 22.0% Rafael Nadal (NADL) $114.00 Kyle Schwarber (SCHK) $2.00 860.0% Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $14.00 289.0% Juan Soto (SOTO) $20.00 206.0% Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $27.00 57.0% Matthew Stafford (STAF) $847.00 Julio Rodriguez (RODJ) $54.00 1000.0% Alex Rodriguez (AROD) $168.00 -43.0% Philip Rivers (RIVP) $22.00 175.0% Cal Ripken Jr. (RIPK) $144.00 18.0% Jerry Rice (RICE) $199.00 63.0% Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $152.00 Randy Moss (MOSS) $137.00 247.0% Ja Morant (MOJA) $169.00 Donovan Mcnabb (MCNB) $32.00 333.0% Willie Mays (MAYS) $807.00 288.0% Peyton Manning (MANN) $344.00 -50.0% Greg Maddux (MDDX) $174.00 -24.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $19.00 188.0%

The NFC North in 2019: QBs, Cards & Teams

By Richard Rowell, ThePit.com Contributor

** The NFC North (and QBs Cards) After Week 4 **

This week, we’re taking a look at the NFC North and how each of the starting quarterbacks have performed so far. We’ll also be looking at each quarterback’s key rookie cards, their graded population, and how expectations have affected those card prices. Also, we look at their teams’ current Super Bowl odds courtesy of Westgate Las Vegas.

First up, the Chicago Bears!
QB:  Mitchell Trubisky
Bears Westgate Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 (after week 4): 6.25%
Population of Trubisky PSA 10 Prizm Rookie Card: 356

Here's a difference of opinion: the preseason Las Vegas odds (Westgate) suggested that the Bears are the co-favorites to win the NFC, but Sports Illustrated has Chicago finishing LAST in their division! SI isn't impressed with Trubisky's "inconsistent footwork and decision making." Indeed, Trubisky has been inconsistent through the first quarter of the 2019 NFL season. Sports Illustrated ranked Trubisky as the #21 quarterback in the preseason, while Westgate Las Vegas gave the Bears an 8% chance of winning Super Bowl 54 - mostly due to the Bears outstanding defense. Those odds have fallen slightly since then.

In Week 1, Trubisky was 26-for-45 for 228 with no touchdowns and an interception in the Bears’ loss to the Packers. Obviously, that was not a great start, and being sacked 5 times didn’t help. In Week 2 against the Broncos, he started off significantly better, but finished with a mere 120 yards passing. In Week 3, the Bears faced off against a Redskins team that kept turning the ball over, so Trubisky was able to pass for three touchdowns against one interception.

Week 4 wasn’t a good one, either for Mitchell Trubisky or the Bears as the quarterback went down early with a shoulder injury on a strip sack. Fortunately for the Bears, there are two good things about this. That strip sack fumble was negated by a defensive penalty, and the injury to Trubisky is not expected to be season-ending. The even better news for the Bears, though, and what could be bad news for Trubisky in the long run, is backup QB Chase Daniel played well and helped the Bears to a victory.
The Bears have one of, if not the best, defense in all of football, which indirectly helps the offense by consistently giving them better chances to score. The Bears offense, however, isn’t one of the best, although Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel are decent weapons. It would be nice to see running back David Montgomery play better, as the Bears love him and he’s an important part of their offensive game plan.

Also, while the Bears offensive line hasn’t been performing well as late, they are still considered one of the top 10 O-line units in the NFL by Pro Football Focus. After Week 3, they were considered the 8th best according to the analytics. So, the talent is there, and if it translates to results, things will look a lot better for whoever is under center for the Bears.

With the Week 4 injury, where does that leave Mitchell Trubisky and his 2017 Prizm rookie card? There are only 356 copies graded PSA 10 on the market, so they may not trade as often as some of the more popular quarterbacks. Before Week 4, Trubisky’s PSA 10 Prizm rookie sold on eBay for $49 plus shipping. It’s been consistently selling in eBay auctions for between $45-50, and in the preseason, his card was trading around $50. There are still hobby believers in Trubisky and his card is a fairly consistent seller at that price point.

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Next up, the Detroit Lions!
QB:  Matthew Stafford
Lions Westgate Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 (after Week 4): 2%
Population of 2009 Topps Chrome Rookie Card (graded BGS 9.5): 58

Through the first three weeks of the season, Stafford put together a very nice start. That’s in large part from facing the Arizona Cardinals. But, Stafford also has a nice array of offensive weapons including Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay, and first-round draft prick T.J. Hockenson, plus Kerryon Johnson coming out of the backfield. 

The Lions ran into the Chiefs in Week 4, which wasn’t fun. It wasn’t all Stafford’s fault, though, as he did throw for 291 yards and three touchdowns, two thrown to Golladay. The real issue was that Stafford was hit for four sacks and a total loss of 30 yards. He did all this through a hip injury, too.

What's interesting is that the Lions actually have shuffled around their offensive line and were playing much better on 2019. In fact, in Weeks 2 and 3, Stafford wasn't sacked at all. Of course, the Chiefs defense is heavily reliant on their pass rush, so perhaps the Chiefs should get a lot of the credit for the Week 4 sack-fest.

There are surprisingly few graded rookie cards of Matthew Stafford when it comes to Beckett Grading. Even his base 2009 Topps Chrome Rookie card has only 58 graded examples in BGS 9.5, out of 85 graded. The autographed version actually has more with 68 examples graded BGS 9.5 out of 87 total. The various auto refractors have almost no Beckett graded examples.

When it comes to PSA, the Topps Chrome base card only has 88 graded PSA 10, as well. The autograph is even more scarce with only 7 PSA 10 base autographs, 53 refractors, 21 xfractors, 26 blue refractors, and 18 copper refractors. So, PSA has most of the truly rare versions of his auto.
Because of the rarity it’s very tricky to nail down a market price, as they simply don't sell that item. Raw copies of the base card sell for under $10 while refractors sell for around $15-20. You don't really ever see a raw auto come up for sale.

For a quarterback with Matthew Stafford’s tenure in the NFL, these are extremely low numbers for graded examples. He has started every game for the Lions since 2011. Why are his rookie cards so scarce? Part of it is that 2009 was a light production year due to the economic recession, so there simply aren't as many out there as with other top quarterbacks. This scarcity of Stafford's key rookies is definitely something to watch.

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If you're looking for an even rarer Stafford rookie card, the population of Stafford’s Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Card (graded BGS 9.5) is merely 11, making it an exceptionally rare card. ThePit actually has one copy in stock.

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Now, the Green Bay Packers.
QB:  Aaron Rodgers
Packers Westgate Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 (after Week 4): 10% 
Population of Topps Chrome Rookie Card (PSA 10): 218

The Green Bay Packers have taken a bit of a different offensive approach this year under Matt LaFleur, one that was run-focused. While the Packers won their first three games, the team didn’t really allow Rodgers to “let it fly” until Week 4 against the Eagles. While the Packers lost to Philly, ending the game on an unfortunate goal line pick, it’s clear that the Packers need Rodgers to dominate the game as much as ever.

Rodgers has one of the best wide receivers in football in Davante Adams, and Marques Valdes-Scantling looks promising. The 35 year old quarterback doesn't appear to be slowing down and can still use his legs effectively. The Packers future Hall of Fame quarterback is a big reason why the Packers have a 1 in 10 chance of winning Super Bowl 54 after Week 4.
After a rough 2018, the Packers did address their offensive line. The O-line was ranked 8th in the league in the preseason by Pro Football Focus, which was the best in the NFC North (the Bears were ranked 9th). The Packers do have two great tackles in David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga and a decent center in Corey Linsley. Their guards were a bit suspect, but that’s partly been helped by the Packers’ second round pick Elgton Jenkins at left guard and newcomer Billy Turner at right guard. So far, it seems to be a much improved group, which is great news for Rodgers and company.

While Aaron Rodgers’ 2005 Topps Chrome rookie card isn’t exactly on fire, it’s one of the most recognizable rookie cards in the hobby. The card is also relatively rare in PSA 10, as out of 790 graded examples, 431 of them are PSA 9. Only 218 have been graded Gem Mint by PSA, thus making it one of the more valuable modern rookie cards in the hobby. Before the season, this card was selling regularly $800+ on eBay. During the season it has dropped to around $700, although the most recent sale on 9/25 was about $760 shipped. 

The 2005 Topps Chrome card features Rodgers in his red practice jersey, wearing his familiar number #12, in the middle of a passing motion. It’s not the most exciting card in the world, but it’s his most popular rookie card - along with his base Topps. There’s a Score rookie card that also features Rodgers in the same red practice jersey.

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Rodgers also has a 2005 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto which, believe it or not, features Rodgers in a real Packers uniform. It’s a fairly valuable card, but the issue is that 2005 Playoff Contenders used sticker autos, which many collectors outright hate. So, while it may be an overall nicer looking card, the sticker auto may be a turn off to many collectors - which is why the Topps Chrome is still considered Rodgers’ premiere rookie card by the hobby.

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PSA 10:  https://thepit.com/card/ARDG-05-PCA-P10
BGS 9.5: https://thepit.com/card/ARDG-05-PCA-B9.5 

Last but not least, the Minnesota Vikings:
QB:  Kirk Cousins
Vikings Westgate Odds to Win Super Bowl 54 (after Week 4): 5.5%
Population of 2012 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto Graded BGS 9.5: 214

The Minnesota Vikings are more about the running game with Dalvin Cook, but the Vikings do have some solid receivers in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. Cousins has had a shaky start to the year after a pretty good year in 2018.  In week 4 Cousins was sacked six times for a loss of 51 yards. Of course, that was against the bears and Khalil Mack.

However, Cousins has been erratic and it doesn't help that there's been a shift towards the run and Dalvin Cook. While Cook is a good running back, the Vikings certainly are having issues with their offensive line. Consider that Pro Football focus ranked the Vikings O-line 25th in the league going into 2019 and that ranking appears justified.

Star wide receiver Adam Thielen, who was held to merely two catches and six yards in the Week 4 loss, vented his frustration to the media after the game. He said, "You have to be able to throw the ball." He's not wrong as both he and Diggs had 1000-plus yards receiving in 2018 with Cousins under center. The real issue is the offensive line, and while the Bears are great, that's not an excuse to be embarrassed.

Back to Cousins himself, his 2012 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto graded BGS 9.5 by Beckett with a 10 auto is not a big seller. However, the most recent sale on eBay was on the Saturday before Week 4 for $108 shipped. Before the season one sold for about $90 shipped and another sold on 9/16 for about the same. It seems the hobby still believes in Cousins after his huge success with Theilen and Diggs in 2018. It remains to be seen if things turn around and the Vikings QB rediscovers those awesome connections with his two top targets.

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