Byron Buxton (BBUX) $58.00 -54.0% Ryne Sandberg (RYNE) $28.00 200.0% Michael Bennett (MICB) $1.00 400.0% Gary Sheffield (SHFF) $12.00 100.0% Clayton Kershaw (KRSH) $7.00 18.0% Quincy Carter (QCAR) $0.00 500.0%


Sunday, 10/22/2023

ThePit is pleased to offer the best "Buy Now" prices in the Hobby for Victor Wembanyama's First Sports Illustrated Cover, in top investment grade CGC 9.8.

We intend to maintain a tight Bid/Ask spread on this and several other key "First Cover" SIs (see list and links below).  Trade "Wemby" on ThePit and enjoy all the advantage of Pit trading:  immediate and secure trade execution, NO FEES for trading, NO SHIPPING COSTS for items left/traded on the Pit exchange, and NO danger of CGC cases broken in transit.

Graded key issues of Sports Illustrated have been one of the major growth categories in sports collectibles over the last five years.  In August, a Michael Jordan First Bulls Cover graded CGC 9.8 sold for $126,000 in a Heritage Auction:

*** Other Key "First Cover" SIs Traded on ThePIt ***

Julio Rodriguez (MARINERS) April 2023

Patrick Mahomes (CHIEFS) November 2018