Jorge Soler (SOLR) $5.00 -20.0% Randy Johnson (UNIT) $67.00 -2.0% Curt Schilling (SHIL) $47.00 -51.0% Rafael Nadal (NADL) $39.00 Juan Soto (SOTO) $68.00 92.0% Mookie Betts (BETM) $19.00 177.0% Jason Heyward (HEYW) $5.00 -62.0% Steve Mcnair (MCNR) $55.00 76.0% Manny Machado (MCHD) $9.00 233.0%


This is where the frequently asked questions go.
Not necessarily. Clicking on "Buy Now" or "Sell Now", only indicates to’s Market Makers that you have an interest in entering into a transaction at the prices and quantities listed (or that you have indicated).

When you click "Confirm", the transaction will appear as an "Open" order and will only be executed if or when the Market Maker executes the transaction.
You can access your personal Watch List by simply clicking on the words “Watch List” under the “My Account” heading on the left toolbar. 
To add a player's card to your personal Watch List, simply access the player's information by typing the player's last name into the "Player Search" box (located in the upper right corner of each screen) and clicking on "Go".

The words "Add to Watch List" will appear below every listed player's information on the page which bears their picture. Simply click on this link and the card will be added to your personal Watch List, allowing you to track their card's prices on an ongoing basis.
You may cancel a trade at any time BEFORE the execution of the trade via the "Order Status Monitoring" Screen.

To cancel a trade prior to it's execution, access the "Order Status Monitoring" screen by clicking on "Order Status" located under the "My Account" heading on the left toolbar. Once this screen appears, click on the "Order Detail" link next to the relevant order you wish to cancel.

Once the small window appears, click on the "Cancel Order" button (at the bottom of the screen) and the order will be cancelled.

Please note that once a trade is in an "Executed" status, it cannot be canceled. All executed transactions with are considered final.
Yes, Account Holders are welcome to sell cards that are not already held in their accounts at the time of sale (also known as a "Sell Not In Account" trade).  These trades are subject to a 5% commission, applied on the Date of Sale.

Please note that cards sold must be received by no later than 5 business days after the Date of Sale to avoid a per-transaction penalty of $25, plus a minimum of 5% of the transaction price.  In the case of cards that have risen in value since the Date of Sale, the penalty will reflect the current market value of the cards.  
"Unsettled Cash" represents funds that will be credited to your Pit account upon arrival of a card(s) that you sold to which was not already held in your account at the time of the sale (a.k.a.- a "Sell not in account" trade). Upon arrival of your sold card(s), the proceeds from the sale will be deposited into your Cash Balance. Funds held in your Cash Balance may be used to purchase other cards on thePit or requested by check or Paypal. 
No. only trades those PSA cards that are (1) listed on our exchange and (2) have No Qualifiers - sometimes referred to as "NQ" grades. Cards with qualifiers will be returned at the Account Holder's expense.
There is no minimum balance required to keep your account active.
Withdrawing funds from your account is easy. Simply click the blue button entitled "My Account" on the left sidebar and then click "Withdraw funds" (you may also click on the "Withdraw Funds" button located on the "Holdings & Balances" page). From there, follow the step-by-step instructions to place your withdrawal request. All cash withdraws over $10.00 are subject to a 10% fee. No request under $2.00 will be honored. 
Customers may fund their accounts at by credit card, by personal (or certified) check made payable to bidask247,llc or via Paypal. The precise instructions for each method can be found by clicking on the "Fund Account" link on your Holdings and Balances page.
The standard fee for making a trade in a particular card is as follows:

*For all PURCHASES and/or for SALES of cards to that are already held in the customer's account at the time of transaction, There is no fee.

*We also offer customers the ability to sell cards that are not held in their account at the time of transaction. For SALES of these cards to, the commission is 5% of the total sale.

* While thePit does not impose fees for pure trading within our system, WE DO IMPOSE A 10% CASHOUT FEE when a trader elects to turn his Pit Trade Credits into Cash.

After logging on, simply click on "Transaction History" under the "My Account" heading on the left toolbar. A complete listing of any purchases and/or sales executed since your account was first established will appear onscreen (click on each date link to view specific details of that transaction)
In order to view your current Cash Balance or positions, simply (1) click on the “Log On” icon and enter your e-mail address and password, then (2) Click on "Your Holdings and Balances". The "Account Holdings and Balances" screen will then appear with relevant information regarding your current Cash Balance, as well as any cards currently held in your personal inventory or owed to to fulfill trades.

You may begin trading immediately after opening your Pit account as long as you have a funding source on file.
Yes, but only those cards already listed on ThePit and identified NOT as "PSA" nor "BGS" nor "SGC" but as "Ungraded" (e.g., "Kobe Bryant - 1996 Topps Rookie Card Ungraded"). When sending ungraded cards to thePit, make sure that the condition of each card is at least Near Mint to Mint (NM-MT) -- the condition associated with PSA 8 and BGS 8 cards. ThePit will reject and return to you at your expense ungraded cards that do not meet this NM-MT standard. 
To view a player's cards, simply type the player's last name into the “Player Card Search” box located in the upper right corner of the screen and click on 'Go'. Once the next window appears, click on the player's name. Click on the player's name (link) and cards that we currently list for that player will then appear onscreen.