Mike Trout (TRUT) $1,675.00 164.0% Michael Jordan (MIKE) $33.00 2.0% Manny Machado (MCHD) $7.00 -11.0% Yoan Moncada (MONY) $2.00 Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $11.00 Aaron Judge (JUDG) $4.00 Eloy Jimenez (JIME) $22.00 Trea Turner (TREA) $3.00 Trevor Story (TRES) $1.00 Derek Jeter (JETR) $188.00 Randy Moss (MOSS) $9.00 Peyton Manning (MANN) $201.00 Mariekson DiDi Gregorius (MARG) $7.00 Pedro Martinez (PDRO) $31.00 Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $47.00 Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MSTN) $309.00 Jim Thome (TOME) $41.00 Mookie Betts (BETM) $3.00 Victor Robles (ROBV) $5.00 Bryce Harper (HARP) $46.00 Chris Sale (CSLE) $4.00 Kevin Garnett (GARN) $31.00 Nick Foles (NFOL) $2.00 Greg Maddux (MDDX) $14.00 Gerrit Cole (GCOL) $1.00

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Most dealers and collectors frown on trading their high-end cards for your assortment of less-valuable cards. But traders on thePit can do just that, and get full value in the process!
The announcement on Feb. 8th that perennial MVP candidate Francisco Lindor would "likely miss the start of the season" with a strained right calf reverberates in the baseball card markets. Here are some points for card investors to consider.