Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $31.00 7.0% Anthony Volpe (VOLP) $17.00 Jalen Hurts (HRTS) $21.00 Jose Altuve (ALTU) $7.00 -42.0% Matt Olson (MATO) $4.00 Trea Turner (TREA) $1.00 1133.0% Julio Urias (URAS) $44.00 327.0%

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New Per-Card Shipping Fees: Ungraded 25¢, Graded 60¢, Uncirculated $1.50
What if we ranked active major leaguers by the Total Market Value of their Bowman Chrome Auto Refractor BGS 9.5s? Here are the top three players, with a review of their cards and a forecast for 2020 and beyond.