Cris Carter (CRIS) $3.00 Travis Henry (THEN) $1.00 7.0% Richard Jefferson (RJEF) $1.00 -14.0% Michael Bennett (MICB) $2.00 23.0% Deuce Mcallister (DMCA) $5.00 5.0% Rod Gardner (RGAR) $2.00 -1.0% Freddie Mitchell (FMIT) $2.00 38.0% Marvin Minnis (MMIN) $1.00 54.0% Marques Tuiasosopo (MTUI) $2.00 Michael Jordan (MIKE) $27.00 59.0% Larry Bird (BIRD) $21.00 Greg Maddux (MDDX) $290.00 Alex Bregman (BREG) $329.00 -13.0% Randy Johnson (UNIT) $50.00 -18.0% Peter Alonso (APTR) $2.00 2.0% Wander Franco (FWAN) $60.00 Saquon Barkley (BSAQ) $64.00 Allen Iverson (IVER) $31.00 Vladimir Guerrero (VLAD) $29.00 -28.0% Lamar Jackson (JALA) $74.00 Michael Soroka (SORO) $2.00 37.0% Stephen Curry (CURY) $90.00 14.0% Pedro Martinez (PDRO) $36.00 -20.0% Steve Mcnair (MCNR) $7.00 350.0% Gerrit Cole (GCOL) $2.00 1000.0%

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