Michael Kopech (KOPM) $1.00 A.J. Reed (REAJ) $1.00 Kohl Stewart (STWK) $7.00 Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MIKS) $4.00 Francisco Lindor (LNDR) $3.00 Jonathan Singleton (SNGL) $0.00 Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $74.00 Clayton Kershaw (KRSH) $52.00 Rickey Henderson (RIKY) $63.00 Cris Carter (CRIS) $17.00 Deion Sanders (DEON) $58.00 Barry Sanders (SAND) $304.00 Troy Aikman (AIKM) $88.00 Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $5.00 Albert Almora (MORA) $8.00 Tyler Austin (TYLR) $23.00 Paul Pierce (PIER) $23.00 Miguel Cabrera (MIGC) $78.00 Ichiro Suzuki (SUZU) $13.00 Willie Mays (MAYS) $94.00 Mickey Mantle (MICK) $500,174.00 Kevin Mchale (MCHL) $17.00 Bryce Harper (HARP) $500,099.00 Joey Votto (VOTO) $37.00 Carlos Correa (CCOR) $62.00

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