Juan Soto (SOTO) $72.00 92.0% Jalen Hurts (HRTS) $75.00 ROBINSON CANO (CANO) $6.00 -73.0% Miguel Sano (SANO) $6.00 -86.0% Alex Rodriguez (AROD) $67.00 -64.0% Cal Ripken Jr. (RIPK) $27.00 Randy Johnson (UNIT) $7.00 -25.0% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MIKS) $1.00 -45.0% Jim Thome (TOME) $11.00 26.0% Steven Jackson (JACS) $25.00 50.0% Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $1,925.00 33.0% CC Sabathia (SABA) $5.00 700.0% Bobby Witt Jr (WBJR) $10.00 Tiger Woods (TIGR) $54.00 Chipper Jones (CHIP) $33.00 36.0% Carlos Delgado (DELG) $10.00 102.0% Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $34.00 Buster Posey (BPOS) $585.00 134.0%

How to Fund Your Account

How to Fund Your Account

All of the below methods may be used to fund your account at thePit.com.  Customers are required to fund their accounts before purchasing cards.  The trading system will not permit a purchase transaction to be executed if there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the trade and applicable commission. Click here to fund your account with a Visa or MasterCard.
  1. You may fund your account with PayPal
  2. You may also fund your account with a Credit Card.  Click here to fund your account with a Visa or MasterCard
  3. You may fund your account with a check made payable to: thePit.com Customer Account.  Please include your thePit.com account number on the check or money order. Please remember that funds will not be credited to your account until your check has cleared. thePit.com
    PO Box 2120
    Oxnard, CA 93034
    Attn: Finance Department
  4. You may fund your account by wire transfer.  Please call our customer service group for wire instructions, at (805) 485-5700. Please have the below information ready when you call:
    1. Your account number, name and email address;
    2. The amount that you wish to wire;
    3. The name of the bank that you are sending it from.

How to Send Cards to thePit.com

Please Remember......
  1. Graded Cards: All Graded Cards Sold to ThePit (SNIA - Sold Not In Account) or sent in for deposit into an account must not have any qualifier and must be from the Grading company in which the item was sold (e.g. a BGS 8 or PSA 9 (OC) will not be accepted for a PSA 8 item) . Graded Card holders must not be scratched or damaged. Cards in damaged holders will be returned to you at your expense, and related sales will be reversed without fees being refunded. In certain cases, thePit may (at its option) offer to accept cards in damaged holders subject to a $5/holder re-casing fee.

  2. Serial #'d Cards: The serial # must be stamped on the card. The handwritten version serial will not be accepted.

  3. Uncirculated Cards: Uncirculated Cards can only be sold from those owned within a users account. Users can NOT sell Uncirculated Cards not owned in their account or sent in for deposit.

  4. Ungraded/Raw Cards: All Ungraded Cards sold or sent in for deposit must be equivalent to PSA 8 standards or higher. PSA defines an 8 as (A super high-end card that appears Mint 9 at first glance, but upon closer inspection, the card can exhibit the following: a very sligth wax stain on reverse, slightest fraying at one or two corners, a minor printing imperfection, and/or sligthly off-white borders. Centering must be approximately 65/35 to 70/30 or better on the front and 90/10 or better on the reverse). A PSA or BGS 8 or better can be used for an Ungraded card, however, this must be noted in your shipment to ThePit.

    Shipment of Items: Please fill in and print out the Shipping Form and send it with your items. It is the users responsibility on the shipment of the cards to ThePit and any card received that was damaged during transit to ThePit, the card(s) will be returned at the users expense, so please package them carefully.

    ThePit.com Fulfillment team strives to process all incoming packages within 3 business days to process your package.

Please follow these steps when shipping cards to thePit.com to either:
  1. deposit cards to your account, or;
  2. send cards that you sold to thePit.com and that are currently not held in your account (settling a sale trade)
The steps below should be used for both cases above.
  1. Complete the Card Shipping Form and tell us exactly what cards you are sending to thePit.com. Customers are encouraged to complete the form online, print it out, and enclose it with the cards.  Always check the appropriate box to indicate whether you are Depositing Cards or sending cards that you sold to thePit.com but which are not in your account.
  2. Stack the graded cards on top of each other and tape bubble wrap or shipping material around the stack tightly.  Use enough packing material to insure the safety of your cards in transit.
  3. Enclose the wrapped stack of cards in a box with the Card Shipping Form.  Add newspaper or additional packing material as necessary to keep the cards stationary and protected in the box.  Tape the box shut securely.
  4. Customers are encouraged to use a reliable carrier and insure their packages.  Please remember to include your completed Card Shipping Form so that we can properly credit your account with the cards. thePit.com
    PO Box 2120
    Oxnard, CA 93034
    Attn: Processing Dept.
  5. When your cards are received by thePit.com they are thoroughly checked for authenticity and quality before being scanned into our inventory management system.
Please Note
thePit.com views sports cards of the same grade, manufacturer, set, issue, year, and player detail as fungible interchangeable items.  In other words, if you deposit to your account an '89 Upper Deck Griffey PSA 9 today and request it back tomorrow, we will certainly ship you an '89 Upper Deck Griffey PSA 9 but probably not the exact same one you deposited.
Also, please remember that if you are sending cards to thePit.com that you have sold, the cards should be received by thePit.com no later than five days (excluding Sundays) after your Sale Transaction date to avoid a penalty of $25 AND 5% of the sell price at the time of execution and other possible fees that will be charged to your credit card on file.  This is only important when you are selling cards that are not held in your account at the time of your sale.

Lost/Damaged Cards Policy

thePit.com is not responsible for cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged while being shipped from customers to thePit.com.  Customers are encouraged to use reliable carriers, insure their packages, and keep their tracking numbers in a safe place for future reference if needed.  thePit.com will immediately notify the customer if it receives a package that contains damaged cards or appears to be missing cards you indicated were sent.